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About Riskonnect

Riskonnect is the trusted, preferred source for enabling organizations to anticipate and manage strategic and operational risks across the enterprise.

Integrated Risk Management Solutions

True Integrated Risk Management

Riskonnect, Inc. is the only provider of true Integrated Risk Management solutions. Riskonnect is the trusted, preferred source of Integrated Risk Management technology, offering a growing suite of solutions on a world-class cloud computing model that enable clients to elevate their programs for management of all risks across the enterprise. Riskonnect allows organizations to holistically understand, manage and control risks, positively affecting shareholder value.

Riskonnect’s highly configurable technology is ideal for forward-thinking organizations facing increased scrutiny and accountability for corporate governance, strategy and strategic risk. Our solutions facilitate the ability to plan for and respond intelligently to all risks that could potentially harm an organization and its competitive position, damage corporate reputation and/or restrict strategic growth.

Riskonnect global provider of integrated risk management solutions
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A Platform You Can Trust

Riskonnect’s growing suite of risk management applications are built on a technology platform you can trust. A platform that is secure, reliable and fast. It powers more than 100,000 businesses running more than 4 million applications that 2.5 million users count on every day. The Riskonnect platform, team of risk management technology and business executives, and its data services group, set Riskonnect apart from all others.

Founded by Professionals, for Professionals

Riskonnect, Inc. was founded in July 2007 by Bob Morrell, Antonio Dabraio and Roger Dunkin. Independent and privately held, Riskonnect is Morrell’s second entrepreneurial endeavor in the risk management software space. Using his expertise and best practices from the rapid growth and divestiture of his first successful organization, Morrell and his team have grown Riskonnect to be the solutions of choice among leading executives, and risk and safety professionals.

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