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Data Services

Data integration is key to any successful risk management system implementation. The process can be daunting, but Riskonnect develops innovative integration strategies to promote data integrity and access to real-time data.

Innovative Strategies for Data Integrity

Whether you require a simple spreadsheet upload or a highly complex integration with multiple disparate systems – all in real time, Riskonnect has the data integration tools, team and technologies to bring it all together.

Data Integration Services

The Riskonnect Professional Services team has expertise in conversions of data from every major RMIS provider including:

  •  Ventiv RiskConsole
  •  Ventiv iVos
  •  Marsh CS Stars Enterprise
  •  Marsh CS Stars Professional


Carrier/TPA Data Loads

Consolidate data from all past and current carriers and TPAs to create a single repository of loss data mapped to a single coding methodology. A lack of data standards in the risk management industry means this process requires highly experienced individuals who understand both risk management and claims data integration.

Our data services staff has extensive experience with claims data providers and has the expertise to overcome the myriad problems that arise during the conversion process. Load data on any frequency from annual to near real-time from carriers and TPAs such as Sedgwick CMS, Liberty Mutual, Zurich, Travelers, Xchanging and many others.

Our team has seen it all and we work proactively to prevent known data issues from becoming huge headaches later.


Internal Systems Data

Information from other application databases may be integrated to enhance claim and risk data stored within the Riskonnect database. For example, users can retrieve current employees’ driver training history from a separate database while entering a new auto accident claim.

Information also may be loaded on a scheduled basis (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.) or retrieved in real time. Real-time integration is performed via web services technology. Web services provide a secure and reliable means of exchanging data between systems.

Riskonnect’s platform provider, Force.com, is the most widely used web services platform in the world.


Simple File Load

Clients may upload files any time, such as Excel spreadsheets, to add new data or to modify existing records using Riskonnect’s data import wizard. Using this easy tool is free of charge, but clients may also opt to utilize contracted support hours and request Riskonnect Professional Services assistance.

…AND – Riskonnect’s world-class data integration tools and technologies create a work platform to propel your risk management approach to the next level…


 User Self-Service

The Riskonnect platform and products boast the most flexibility offered in the risk management industry with unprecedented user self-service. This flexibility not only enables Riskonnect services to adapt the product to meet unique customer needs, but also includes empowers trained system administrators, and even end-users, to configure the application to their needs.

System administrators are able to configure their custom screen layouts on demand. This includes setting up the actual data content they wish to see, as well as the organization of the data.

Users, security permitting, are also empowered to add / remove and organize data fields to their record views themselves, without involving IT or Riskonnect. Users also can edit records on the fly and load data into the system.


 Email Services

Send an email to your Riskonnect RMIS to create a new incident record, update property values, or to attach a document to an existing record. This unique capability allows individuals (both users and non-users) and systems to interact with Riskonnect using a tool virtually everyone knows how to use – email. Automated or manually generated emails may transmit data, respond to approval process workflows, and create and populate new records, such as incidents, claims, properties, certificates of insurance and more.

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