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End to End Project Management

Project Management

Riskonnect has a built-in project management application that is completely integrated with all solutions. Keeping all parties informed at the appropriate level of detail is key to a successful project. During implementation we hold weekly core team meetings and bi-weekly steering committee meetings. We distribute project reports and dashboards via workflow dissemination. In addition, team members can view real-time information by logging into Riskonnect. All task-based activities are stored on the project.  The system uses reminders and time-based workflow to prompt team members on tasks that are due, upcoming or overdue.  The project system has integrated project risks with response plan actions. If a project risk is triggered, then a series of mitigating workflows are started.

Historical Data

Riskonnect often begins client implementations with the loading of historical data into the Riskonnect system. The Riskonnect system will perform and accept data updates as often as required. The Riskonnect Professional Services team has expertise in conversions of data from every major RMIS provider including:

  •  Ventiv RiskConsole
  •  Ventiv iVos
  •  Risk Science Group
  •  Marsh CS Stars Enterprise AND
  •  Marsh CS Stars Professional

Not only does Riskonnect pull in the data to the Riskonnect system, but it will also pull in any existing meta-data, such as location hierarchical information, security profiles, etc. Many Riskonnect clients value their ability to receive data feeds on a daily or semi-daily basis. The data loads can be designated to incrementally add to the existing data or to overwrite existing values, running an entire reload of the data.

 User Adoption

User adoption is a key area of concentration from initiation of each implementation. Within 48 hours of the signed contract, Riskonnect will deliver the solution to you. Although it will take some time to integrate data from a prior  provider, we will begin to use the system for the activities around implementation.

The Riskonnect system has a full-feature project management application integrated into the product. Team members will begin using the project management application for implementation functions. In doing so, they will learn dashboard, reporting, tasks, activities, email templates, document management, and other general functions within the system.

 Full Transparency

The Riskonnect Professional Services team not only leverages best practices for implementations, ongoing data processing and support services, but it also provides full transparency. Immediately at the onset of implementation, two project management tabs in the Riskonnect application are used:

(1) “Projects,”


(2) “Data Sources,” whereby at any given time a standard user can access the Project plans, status tasks, open activities, and activity history for example; as well as status of data loads on an ongoing basis all directly in the application itself.

Rapid Time To Value

Riskonnect’s implementations lead to a rapid return on investment:

  • Due to ease of configuration and ease of implementation
  •  Average implementation period is 90 days or less from initial receipt of data (e.g. data loads) compared to 12 to 16 months for primary RMIS competitors
  •  Ease of use
  •  Intuitive interface requiring very little training for standard users
  •  Ease of self-service enables reduced dependence on the client’s own IT department and its RMIS vendor

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