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What is Integrated Risk Management?

Integrated Risk Management brings together all areas of risk effectively and efficiently, reducing costs and enabling insights that have previously been unobtainable.

Riskonnect provides a comprehensive approach to risk management

How does my organization benefit

from Integrated Risk Management?

With Integrated Risk Management there is one source of the truth, consistent overview of risks, economies of scale, and efficiencies in treating risk.

Effective implementation of integrated risk management can produce a number of benefits to the organization which are not available from the typical limited-scope of point solutions.

Taking an Integrated Risk Management approach enables you to see the big picture and make informed, strategic decisions by tracking, analyzing, connecting and mitigating risk throughout the entire organization.

A Truly Integrated Solution

Only Riskonnect offers a single, unified technology solution that provides critical insight into all the strategic and operational risks across the enterprise and what is being done to manage these risks to align with the risk tolerance of the organization.

Delivering True Insight to Risk Management

Risks Across Organization - Enterprise Risk Management Software ERM

Address Risks Across Your Entire Organization

Integrated risk management addresses risks across a variety of levels in the organization, including strategy and tactics, and covering both opportunities and threats. Until the last few years, this concept has been a dream — but with the advances in technology, the use of cloud connectivity and the explosion in data mining, Integrated Risk Management is now possible.

Plan for and Respond Intelligently to

All Risks that could Potentially:

Harm an organization


Harm a competitive position

Damage a corporate reputation

Restrict strategic growth

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