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Safety Audit

Safety audits are critical to ensure that the application of safety governance is in place and operating effectively. These audits should be viewable by authorized personnel through auto-updated dashboards that highlight significant variations in expected results and enable the drill-down to the current key data immediately so that further remedial action may be taken as soon as possible.

Take Remedial Action as Soon as Possible


  •  Safety audits can be triggered by events or schedule
  •  Configurable to an organization’s language and specific content
  •  Readily adaptable to changes in requirements
  •  Accessible by many users through security roles
  •  Validation rules can be set to help maintain quality
  •  Mobile ready
Dashboards on PC & Laptop for Global Integrated Risk Management Information Solution
Benefits of an advanced risk management solution


  •  Reduce reliance on third parties to modify questions
  •  Aid oversight through scheduling and status updates
  •  Document and investigate in real-time
  •  Proactively mitigate through dashboard and reporting analysis

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