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Safety Risk Management

Prioritizing what to do and when should come down to a risk based approach: what has the highest combination of potential impact and likelihood should have the highest priority for action. Immediate access to soundly based rationale, including a full audit trail of all communications and assessments, helps to support the decision process.

Immediate Access to Soundly Based Rationale


  •  Configurable risk assessment framework
  •  Risk scoring and ranking that makes sense in your organization
  •  Tracking of multiple times STD and LTD
  •  Standard reporting and dashboards, with ad hoc reports as needed
  •  Easy drill-down to original data
  •  Links to incidents (within the system or to external systems
  •  Full audit trail
  •  Interactive PDF’s for data gathering and attestations
Dashboards on PC & Laptop for Global Integrated Risk Management Information Solution
Benefits of an advanced risk management solution


  •  Readily changeable framework can match changes in the business
  •  Proof of actions supports defense,
    if required
  •  Consistent metrics with demonstrable logic support decision making
  •  Preserves institutional knowledge about safety

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