Integrated Risk Management with visualized Data, brings together all areas of risk

Riskonnect Insights

Insights is the intelligence needed to power effective Integrated Risk Management, by surfacing, connecting and communicating risk information in ways that drive faster, smarter business decisions.

Smarter – and More Secure – Than Your Average Analytics

Riskonnect Insights can surface your relevant risk information — from wherever it’s hiding in your organization — analyze it, connect it with other internal and external data, and normalize it securely in the cloud. From there, Insights allows you to easily answer critical business questions so you can focus where and when you need to most.

Waiting for Risk Analysis Carries its own Risks

A lot can happen in a quarter. Don’t limit your risk analysis to static, rearview-mirror reports and periodic meetings with leadership and the board. Riskonnect Insights makes risk data dynamic — updated and visualized in real time — so you spend more time acting and less time reacting.

Be a Hero. No Experience Required.

  • Create meaningful visualizations, connect and normalize disparate data sources into a single, understandable source of truth, collaborate and share with others, all without data analytics experience or advanced training.
  • Riskonnect Insights makes actionable intelligence as easy to create as it is to consume. It’s designed for risk managers, not data scientists.

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