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Reporting and Dashboards

Riskonnect empowers end users with self-service analytics. By always knowing where they stand, organizations can spot trends early and make better decisions.

The Information You Need to Make Decisions

Beyond Information Gathering

Getting data into a system is just the start. Until this data becomes information that goes to the right people when they need it, it has no value. Within all Riskonnect solutions, clients are afforded game-changing capabilities for reports and dashboards. Better still, the system can be readily configured to generate these reports and dashboards when pre-determined thresholds are breached – these can be KPIs and KRIs, or simply thresholds that inform the recipient that something needs to change if the organization wishes to continue to achieve its objectives.

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Application Highlights

  • A standard library of reports to help analyze and consume data.
  • Easily configure an endless number of ad-hoc reports and dashboards using the drag-and-drop report builder
  • All data is available, including custom fields and objects unique to your Riskonnect solution
  • Report formats include tabular, summary, matrix and joined reports that can be filtered and/or grouped to analyze specific data
  • Schedule reports to run automatically based upon a calendar date or triggered by an event
  • Reports and dashboards may be shared through built-in collaboration tools including dashboard snapshots and Chatter
  • Dashboards show data from source reports as charts, graphs, tables, metrics, gauges and interactive page inserts, making it easy to see the big picture and spot trends.
  • One-click drill-through allows the ability quickly see the detail behind the dashboard
  • Workflows and notifications can be set to trigger when goals or indicators are trending off track


Every client has their own prescribed reports and dashboards, but what really makes a difference is the ability for clients to take these initial outputs and quickly and easily test out ideas for new reports, or just simple tweaks. Simply work in a sandbox and when you are happy with the results, put them into production. Clients typically start with a hundred or so standard reports and in a very short time have developed multiples of reports that make absolute sense for their organization.

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Want to learn more about Riskonnect and our awesome products? Great! Fill out the form below and we'll contact you as soon as possible.

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